Deb Gorton

Teaching others to embrace the uncomfortable in order to fulfill their purpose


“Pursuing purpose requires intentionality and a willingness to get uncomfortable.”

Dr. Deb Gorton is a clinical psychologist who works as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders, helping them refine, embrace, and thrive in their purpose. Through partnership, she inspires others to build bridges between the head and the heart and ignites the courage necessary to make the journey across.



Dr. Gorton is a leading voice in the integration of faith and mental health, providing insight into what drives decision-making and change. She challenges assumptions and brings to light a new and powerful perspective on what it means to pursue one’s purpose.

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Dr. Gorton loves to bring her voice to a variety of audiences. Her message often weaves together her faith and passion for authenticity, along with her authority as a clinical psychologist and her purpose to challenge others to embrace the uncomfortable. Through storytelling and relational engagement, Dr. Gorton inspires her audience to take action with tangible tools for sustainable transformation. 

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